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Chiyu Uemae

Chiyu Uemae(1920-, Japan)
Chiyu Uemae was born in Kyoto in 1920. After studying the Southern School of Chinese painting by himself, Uemae shifted to oil painting and became an apprentice to Jutaro Kuroda. Shortly after, however, he began experimenting with abstract painting. Uemae began studying under Jiro Yoshihara in 1953 and became involved in the founding of the Gutai Art Association in 1954. He showed his work at the first Gutai exhibition and every subsequent exhibition thereafter, remaining with the group until its dissolution.

His distinctive oil paintings, which consist of multilayered material diligently built up from long pointillist patterns, brim with a gentle warmth that feels both profound and slight. In addition to paintings, Uemae also made "stitched" works inspired by his experience working as an apprentice at a dyed fabrics store during this youth, as well as sculptures made out of thread, wood and sawdust. His sculptural practice was also influenced by his memories of having seen smelting furnaces and construction sites at the metal casting factory where he worked as a crane driver to make a living.

In 1999, the Osaka Contemporary Art Center held a solo exhibition of his work, while the Fukuoka Art Museum held "Chiyu Uemae and the Gutai Art Association" in 2005. His works are currently in the collections of the National Museum of Art, Osaka, the Les Abattoirs museum of modern and contemporary art in Toulouse, France, and the Pompidou Center in Paris.

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Born in Kyoto Prefecture
Apprenticed to Kyoto Dyeing orchestrator, also to banner-dyeing shop to learn the usage of resist paste. Self-educated illustrating, portrait painting, the southern school of Chinese Painting
Sent works to 1st Niki Group Exhibition
First Solo Exhibition
Study under Jiro Yoshihara
Participated in the formation of the Gutai Art Association (breaking up in 1972)
World Exhibition of New Art (given favourable comment by Mr. Michel Tapie)
Gutai Art Exhibition in New York
Second International Art Exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland (major work 162×130 cm was purchased)
Gutai Art Exhibition at Expo'70, Midori-kan Entrance Hall (Osaka)
Since around this year began producing stitching art
Participated in Ge Exhibition, withdrew in 2002
Solo exhibition "Oil painting and Stitch" at Contemporary Art Center (Osaka)
Solo exhibition "Ink Painting" and "Print-works" at Contemporary Art Center (Osaka)
The Exhibition of the Storm of Painting in 1950-60: Informel/Gutai/Cobra (The National Museum of Art, Osaka)
Publication at author's own expense "Jigado" (Personal Artistic Way)
Publication at author's own expense "Gendai Bijutsu: Boku no baai: (Modern Art: my way)
Maboroshi no Yamamura Collection exhibition (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe)
Avant-Garde Japan: The Gutai Group in 1950s (Rome National Museum of Modern Art, Italy)
Publication at author's own expense "Koritsu no Michi" (Collected works: An Independent Path)
The Year of Avant-Garde Artists: Change and Continuity (Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo)
Contemporary Stitch Japan Style (Montclair State University, USA)
Gutai Exhibition in Paris (Galerie Nationale du jeu de Paume, Paris France)
61 works went to Osaka Prefectural Public Collection after solo exhibition hold by the prefecture
Solo exhibition at Maizuru Municipal Administration Memorial Museum planned by Komei Shimizu
Solo exhibition for the memory of "Kobekko Award: Dark-blue Ribbon Medal, Cultural Achievement Award from the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe)
Solo exhibition of Print works (Gallery 1100, New York)
Solo exhibition of Stitch (Itami Civic Craft Center)
Solo exhibition of Print (Gallery Kuranuki Osaka)
Solo exhibition: Print (silkscreen)(LADS Gallery, Osaka)
Solo exhibition: Print (etching) (Gallery MAYA, Takatsuki)
Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, 'GUTAI 1954-1972', Kobe, Japan National Museum of Modern Art, 'Traces: Body and Idea in Contemporary Art', yoto, Japan (Travelling Exhibition)
Exhibition "Chiyu Uemae and GUTAI Art Association" at Fukuoka Art Museum
Exhibition "World of Chiyu Uemae" at CASO Museum, Osaka
Exhibition of New Prints at Gallery LADS, Osaka
Collection of The National Museum of Art, Osaka
Exhibition "Gutai to Contemporary" at Gallery LADS, Osaka
Exhibition "GUTAI and after"at DOKA Contemporary Arts, Tokyo. Exhibition of 3 Artists at Mie Prefectural Art Museum, Mie
Exhibition "Dots Talk : UEMAE Chiyu, YAMANAKA Yoshikazu, TSUBOTA Masahiko," at Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama
Exhibition "Museum Collection 2009-1," at The Tokushima Modern Art Museum
Exhibition "Chiyu Uemae," at Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum
Exhibition "Chiyu Uemae," at Galllery LADS, Osaka
Exhibition "Wind of Karuizawa" - 19 Uemae works, at Karuizawa New Art Museum, Karuizawa
Exhibition "GUTAI: The Spirit of an Era," at The National Art Center, Tokyo
Exhibition "Destroying the Picture - Painting the Void: 1949-1962," at Los Angeles MOCA
Chiyu Uemae Special Exhibition at Los Angeles Art Platform 2012
The Solo Exhibition "Chiyu Uemae – Jigado", at BB Plaza Museum of Art, Kobe
Exhibition "GUTAI: Splendid Playground," at The Guggenheim Museum, New York
Chiyu Uemae Special Exhibition at The Armory Show Modern 2013, Pier 92 (Booth 454)
Exhibition "Gutaijin in Karuizawa", Karuizawa New Art Museum
Exhibition "Chiyu Uemae- A Solitary Path", Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong

Public Collection

  • Ashiya City Museum of Art & History
  • Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Osaka Contemporary Art Center
  • Osaka Municipal Museum of Modern Art
  • The National Museum of Art, Osaka
  • Itabashi Art Museum
  • Niigata Art Museum
  • Fukuoka Art Museum
  • Kitakyushu Art Museum
  • International Print Museum in Machida, Tokyo
  • Municipal Administration Memorial of Maizuru City
  • Musée d'art modern et contemporain, Toulouse (France)
  • The Miyagi Museum of Art
  • Chiba City Museum of Art
  • Nerima Art Museum
  • Yokohama Museum of Art
  • The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama
  • Old Hyogo Prefectural Office Building
  • Fukui Fine Art Museum
  • The Tokushima Modern Art Museum
  • The Rachofsky Collection, Dallas, Texas