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Yuji Kanamaru

Yuji Kanamaru (Japan, 1978)
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1978, and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts’ Graduate Program in Design in 2003. As a student, Kanamaru was mentored by master artists Masataka Oyabu and Chinami Nakajima. During this time he studied and refined his techniques for working with unusual materials. He painted images of animals and buildings with a perspective on life and the world that seems to come from ancient times.

He also established the artist collective “C-DEPOT”, and worked as the group’s representative. Focusing on artistic activities outside of the actual production of artwork, the group explores what the artist’s role in society should be. He has participated in C-DEPOT exhibitions every year since it was founded.

In 2005, he was involved in the annual Sonpo Japan Arts Foundation Exhibition. He also participated in the 2006 Korea Youth Biennial, in Taegu South Korea. His work was included in the ShinPa! Exhibition at the Obuse Museum in Nagano Prefecture, and every year thereafter with ShinPa! at the Sato Museum of Art in Tokyo. He has exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo in 2011 and in the Shin Ikebukuro ‘Montparnasse’ West Gate Kaiyu Museum in 2012. Kanamaru paintings were exhibited in 2012 and 2013 at Art Taipei, and at the 2013 KIAF art fair in Korea, where they drew great praise. In addition to those listed here, Yuji Kanamaru has also participated in many other exhibitions at galleries and other venues throughout Japan.

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Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts Design Institute
Establishes the artist collective “C-DEPOT”
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts’ Graduate Program in Design Exhibition C-DEPOT 2003 (~'12)
Annual Sonpo Japan Arts Foundation Exhibition
Korea Youth Biennale in – Taegu South Korea
TCAF2007/ Tobi Art Forum 2007 (~'09)
ShinPa! Exhibition at – Obuse Museum in Nagano Prefecture, Japan
C-DEPOT 2010 Tour/ Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai, China
Exhibition at Art Fair Tokyo 2011
East Japan earthquake Rehabilitation Charity Auction
Art Taipei 2012
Exhibition in Shin Ikebukuro ‘Montparnasse’ West Gate Kaiyu Museum
Korea International Art Fair (KIAF)
Solo exhibition in Whitestone Gallery, Tokyo
Publication of picture album "Yuji Kanamaru Messenger of the age "