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Hebime (1982-, Japan)
Hebime is a young talented Japanese artist, who creates three-dimensional painting that he named by himself, “Acrylic Scratch”. He creates the works by putting several layers of acrylic paint on top of another on the wooden board and engraves its surface with a chisel. He chooses the colour of pigment on a whim and uncalculated marble patterns appear on the surface of the work only after engraving is done.
He started to paint in order to control his mental illness, from back in 2000, after he dropped out from high school. In his early works, he was very much influenced by the Surrealism artists such as Dali and Ernst. His current iconic series of painting was established in 2009, from his second solo exhibition held in Tokyo. Since then, his works are highly regarded in Japan and all around Asia. His work is mesmerizing in its oddness of colour, which creates rhythmical patterns on carved surface.

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Born in Kobe
Dropout from high school
Start making artwork
First solo exhibition at Art Space `Aban-jin`, Nihonbashi, Osaka
Solo exhibition at VIVANT ANNEX in Tokyo
Received YOD Gallery Award at the 2nd Art Stream Competition
Started to create acrylic scratch series
Group exhibition at YOD Gallery, Osaka
First solo exhibition for his acrylic scratch work at Factory Kyoto, Kyoto
Solo exhibition at Art Space `Aban-jin` in Nihonbashi, Osaka
Solo exhibition at Buburin-bou, Kobe
Received Tezukayama Gallery Award at Art Stream Competition,
Daimaru department store, Shinsai-bashi, Japan
Group exhibition at the stand of YOD Gallery, `ULTRA004`, Tokyo
Group exhibition at Factory Kyoto, Kyoto
Solo exhibition `Acrylic scratch` Art Cocktail, Osaka
Group exhibition at Lumier hall, Osaka
Group exhibition, Gallery Out of PLACE, Osaka
Received award for excellence, 9th `thumbhole` exhibition, Japan
Solo exhibition `Acrylic scratch` at Buburin-bou, Kobe
Solo exhibition `Laboratory work`, Whitestone Gallery, Karuizawa
Solo exhibition `Laboratory work II`, Whitestone Gallery, Karuizawa
Group exhibition at Art Taipei 2014

Currently based in Kobe