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Yasuhiko Tsuchida

Born in Osaka, Yasuhiko Tsuchida is the only Japanese glass artist to run an atelier in Murano Island in Italy. Nicknamed the `Poet of Glass,` much of his works revolves around producing majestic glass objects with poetic titles that resonate with space and light.

He is noted for the presence of strong message, concepts, and philosophy that invariably comprise the foundations of his every creation which includes not only glass but also oil painting and video art.

In 1996, his `Bamboo Collection` series which was inspired by Japanese bamboo received critical acclaim and was featured at several exhibitions around the world. By the year 2003, Tsuchida became the chief director of the Venetian Glass Laboratory, and received the Cultural Promotion Contributor Award from the city of Grosseto in Tuscany and won the Grand-Prix from the OPEN International Exhibition of Sculpture in 2008. He was invited to participate the Issey Miyake `IM10` Project Competition in 2010.

This year, Tsuchida was invited to decorate the Japan Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. His large scale installation work portraying calligrapher Sisyu`s art using glass is on view at Expo Milano 2015 until 31st October.

Tsuchida`s sophisticated translation of Japanese traditional aesthetics and philosophy through Italian Murano glass delivers philosophical depth and visually appealing shapes and colours.

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Born in Osaka
Graduates from Tsuji Culinary Institute and leaves Japan for Paris, to pursue food and art
Moves to Venice, works at `Harry`s Bar`, while holding exhibitions at various venues
Group exhibition at Jesrum Gallery, Trieste, Italy
Works as a glass artist in Murano
Assumes Art Director position at the Schiavon Glass Company
Announces `Bamboo Collection`, a collection of glass sculptures with a Japanese bamboo theme
Solo exhibition at Yoshii Gallery, New York
Group exhibition at Galleri Grassett, Stockholm, Sweden
Assumes Director position at the Venetian Glass Laboratory
Group exhibition at Grand Crystal Glass Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Museum of Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf acquired his work
Assumes Chief Director Position at the Venetian Glass Laboratory
Group exhibition at Glass Inspiration Gallery in Burgdorf, Switzerland
Production of the mural at the Marunouchi Trust Tower N, Tokyo
Receives Honorary Technical Award in Dusseldorf
Solo exhibition at Gallery Inoue Oriental Art, Tokyo
Solo exhibition at Octavia`s Haze Gallery in San Francisco, U.S.A.
Group exhibition at complesso del Vittoriano Museum de Rome, Italy
The Asti Court acquired his work
Solo exhibition at Shinseido Art Gallery, Tokyo
Solo exhibiton at the Sibernagl & Under Gallery in Milan, Italy
Exhibits at ART Shanghai
Receives Cultural Promotion Contributor Award from the city of Grosseto, Tuscany
Represents Japan at the 11th OPEN International Exhibition of Sculpture and wins the Grand Prix
Solo exhibition at Grosseto Castle in Tuscany, Italy
Solo exhibition at CO2 Gallery in Rome, Italy
Participates as an invitee in the Issey Miyake `IM10` Project Competition
Announces `Imagine` series, a series of poetic works using white glass
Solo exhibition at Karuizawa New Art Museum
Group exhibition at the Museo del Vetro, Venice
Announces `The Crossroad of Fate`, successfully combining the use of transparent coloured glass with a special polishing technique
Participates as a Venetian glass artist in `Ask This of Rikyu`, an award winning film at the 2013 Montreal Film Festival
Solo exhibition at Whitestone Gallery, Tokyo
Wins the Contemporary Fine Japanese Arts And Crafts Award at the 53rd Contemporary Fine Japanese Arts and Crafts Show
Subsequently exhibited at eight locations around Japan including the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and Shizuoka Prefectural Museum
Collaborates on a glass and flower xhibit with a Sogetsu ikebana artist at the Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Branch Art Gallery
Invited by the Ryukyu Glass Craft in Okinawa to work on the new work `Minzokusei・DNA` over a four month period
Announces work portraying calligrapher Sisyu`s art using glass at the EXPO Milano Japan Pavilion

Public Collection

  • Museum of Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Asti Court, Italy
  • Young Museum in Revere, Italy
  • Museum in Motion in Piacenza, Italy