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Masataka Oyabu

Born in Seoul where his father was working as an architect during the Japan`s annexation of Korea, Oyabu moved back to Japan with his family at the age of 5 and started education in Kagawa Prefecture. Graduating from Tokyo University of The Arts, he had been working as a professor at the same University until his retirement in 2004 and influenced many young Japanese artists as a pioneering figure of `Mixed-media` on traditional Japanese painting (Nihon-ga).

By creating thick and intriguing impasto on the surface of traditional Japanese paper, Oyabu has accomplished his own unique style in early stage of his career. He is also well known for creating a painting along with its frame at the same time. For the artist, the frame which embraces the painting is a very important part of the art work, and it is presented to the viewers as a whole creation including the frame.

With his mixedmedia technique, the texture of painting challenges dimension of the picture plane. Rough and earthy texture delivered by the craftsmanship of the artist reminds viewers the traditional Japanese aesthetics of `Wabi Sabi`. From earthy color and texture, his motifs ranging from small insects to magnificent Mountain Fuji emerge organically.
Through his paintings, the artist also emphasizes the beauty of every living things. With his strong faith toward Buddhism and deep love and respect to Mother Nature, Oyabu delivers this simple but traditional belief in Buddhism that `All living beings have the Buddha nature and can become Buddhas` Oyabu`s craftsmanship and strong belief in Nature is something Contemporary Art has been missing. And the artist tries to find the answer for his creativity from tradition and nature rather than ‘fashion` or `trend`. Oyabu is the artist who keep challenging himself to be close to the philosophy of living and its spirituality through his creations.

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Born in Seoul, Korea
Moves back to Japan, goes schools in Kagawa Prefecture
Accepted for 22nd SHINSEISAKU (Participates until 25th SHISEISAKU)
First Solo exhibition at Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo
Graduates from Tokyo University of the Arts
Accepted for Shell Art Award, wins an honorable mention
Two men show `Oyabu and Yokozawa`
Visits China and Mongolia for sketch and inspiration
Solo exhibition at Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
Invited to exhibit `The Future of Figurative Painting` at Takashimaya, Tokyo
Solo exhibition at Matsuzakaya, Nagoya
Becomes an assistant professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, Design Department
Solo exhibition at Takashimaya, Tokyo
Solo exhibition `Four Seasons` at Saihodo Gallery, Tokyo and Zokyudo Gallery.
Publishes a lithograph catalogue `Four Seasons`
Solo exhibition `Itoshiki Nakama` at Wako Hall/Tokyo, Matsuzakaya/Nagoya, Kagawa Cultural Center
Publishes a catalogue `To Itoshiki Nakamatach`
Starts contribution of illustration to Asahi News Paper until 1992
Invited to exhibit at `6th Yokono Kai Exhibition` at Kyoto City Museum
Becomes a professor at Tokyo University of the Arts
Participated a traveling exhibition `Modern Japanese Folding Screen Paintings` by Nikkei News Paper. (Travel several locations in Germany, Ireland and Japan until 1991)
Participates `Folding Screen Painting Symposium` in Dusseldorf, Germany
Participates `Modern Nihonga Exhibition` at National Palace Museum, Beijing, China
Solo exhibition `The World of Itoshiki Mono` at Takashimaya in Kyoto and Tokyo
Published a catalogue `The World of Itoshiki Mono`
Solo exhibition `Mountain, Water, Bird, and Story` at Ogawa Museum
Publishes a catalogue `Mountain, Water, Bird, and Story`
Solo exhibition at 13th Tobi Art Club
Two men show `Oyabu and Matsumoto` at Matsuzakaya Ueno, Tokyo
Group exhibition at Shunpudo Gallery, Tokyo
Solo exhibition `Penetrating expression` at Tenmaya/Tokyo, Mori Museum in Ueno, Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Daimaru/Osaka until 1999
Solo exhibition `Aishiki Nakama`
Solo exhibition `Design; the base of Art` at Sogo, Yokohama
Solo exhibition `Kokoro no Katachi` at Takashimaya Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Yokohama
Solo exhibition `Kirei-sabi` at Tenmaya, Okayama
Solo exhibition `The Beauty of Buddha Imagery` at Daimaru, Kobe
Solo exhibition `Buddha … Aishiki Mono..` at Matsuzaka/Nagoya, Tenmaya/Takamatsu, Daimaru/Fukuoka
Solo exhibition `Buddha … Aishiki mono..` at Daiwa/Kanazawa, Tenmaya/Tokyo
Solo exhibition `Buddha …. Animated` at Tokyu, Tokyo
Retirement exhibition from Tokyo University of the Arts `Design; the base and the structure of Art`
Publishes `Oyabu Selected Works`, `Professor Oyabu`
Solo exhibition `Kokoro no Katachi .. Aishiki Nakama`
Solo exhibition `Kiin Seido` at Tenmaya, Okayama
Solo exhibition `Inner beauty makes people happy` Tenmaya, Tokyo and Takamatsu
Group exhibition `The world of affection`
Participates `Sekaino Bi Exhibition` at Moscow National Museum as a main artist
Recommended to Russia Art Academy
Group exhibition `Design; the base and the structure of Art` at Daiwa, Fukuyama
Solo exhibition at Tenmaya, Hiroshima and Okayama
Solo exhibition at Tenmaya/Maiko, Sanyo/Himeji, Tenmaya/Hiroshima
Retrospective `50 years as an artist – Kiin Seido` at Kagawa Prefectural Museum
Retrospective `50 years as an artist – Kiin Seido` at Karuizawa New Art Museum
Solo exhibition `Kiin Seido`
Honorary professor of Tokyo University of the Arts