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Toshio Ohi

Toshi Ohi inherited an artistic tradition that dated back to 1666 when the first Ohi ware potter began crafting ceramic works near Kanazawa for the tea ceremony. Toshio is the eleventh generation of this historic lineage. He shows the characteristically lustrous effects of Ohi ware in bowls and other items for the tea ceremony any in a vast range of other works, both utilitarian and purely artistic.

Toshio earned a master`s degree in fine art from Boston University. While he learned new expressions of ceramics during his studies in the United States, he became more consciously aware of the unique beauty and character of Japanese pottery and the practice of tea and tea ware. In addition, the opportunity of artist residencies, teaching and lecturing in China, Taiwan and South Korea, enabled him to develop his own perspective and comprehension of his family`s multi-generational heritage of Ohi ware.

He is a multi-talented artist leading modern ceramic art in the world. His activity is versatile such that he created the ceramic wall aiming for the fusion of ceramic and architecture, produced space designing of home, restaurant and etc., proposed the new way of Japanese tea ceremony.

"Tradition," he writes, "is to receive past knowledge, break it down and use it in a creative way........Tradition shouldn't rely just on being passed down, but rather on there always being a next in line who has unreserved love for that tradition."

Pioneering the future of ceramic art, Toshi challenges the way of continuing the tradition while keeping innovative.

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Born in Kanazawa, Japan
B.A.Tamagawa University, Tokyo
M.F.A. Boston University, Program in Artisanry, Boston, USA
Solo exhibition at Boston City Hall, Boston, USA
Two man exhibition at Laughlin Winkler Gallery, Boston, USA
Solo exhibition, Mcklliop Gallery, Salve Regine Collage, Rhode Island, USA
Top prizewinner from Forty-third Kanazawa Craft
Prizewinner from Forty-fourth Contemporary Art Exhibition
Prizewinner from Forty-sixth Kanazawa Craft Exhibition
Top prizewinner Forty-sixth Contemporary Art Exhibition
Invitation Exhibition from Melting Cultural Diversity Yi-Shing Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Invitation Exhibition at Nancy City Hall, France
Invitation Exhibition at Sierkunst Museum, Gent, Belgium
Prizewinner Third Kanazawa International Craft Competition
Top prizewinner at Sixth Northern Vessel Exhibition
Top prizewinner from Fifty-third Contemporary Art Exhibition of Ishikawa Culture & Fine Arts Award
Invitation Exhibition, World Artist Tour
Invitation Exhibition, NHK Heart Exhibition
Invitation Exhibition `Asian Pacific Contemporary Ceramics` at Taiwan Contemporary Ceramics Museum
Invitation Exhibition `The New Way of Tea` at Japan Society and Asia Society, New York
Twenty-third Kanazawa City Cultural Activity Award
Prizewinner from Forty-first Japan Contemporary Craft Exhibition
Prizewinner from Third-forth Nitten Exhibition
Invitation Exhibition `Korea・Japan Contemporary ceramic Exhibition at Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
Invitation Exhibition `Craft Transformed` at Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, USA
The Smile and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner Prize, Twenty-seventh Japan Traditional Craft Competition
Invitation Exhibition `The Uncommon Denominator` two year tour in USA
Japan Good Design Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Prizewinner from Forty-third Japanese Contemporary Craft Exhibition
Prizewinner from Third-seventh Nitten Exhibition
Solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Main Store, Tokyo
Group exhibition of Nine Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Solo tour exhibition `Encounter of New Tradition` at New York, Taipei, and Kyoto
Solo exhibition at Fukuyama Tenmaya, Takamatsu Tenmaya, Hamamatsu Entetsu,
Tokyo Takashimaya, Nagoya Matsuzakaya, Japan
Governor of Tokyo Prize, Forty-seventh Japan Contemporary Craft Exhibition
Solo exhibition at Okayama Tenmaya, Hiroshima Tenmaya, Japan
Prizewinner from Forty-first Nitten Exhibition
Solo exhibition at JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Osaka Takashimaya, Japan
Solo exhibition at Takaoka Daiwa, Japan
Solo exhibition at Takasaki Takashimaya, Japan
Group exhibition `Wish for continue` at Hasegawa Art Museum, Fukuoka and Tokyo
Group exhibition `Craft Freedom` at Kanazawa 21st Museum
Solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Main Store, Tokyo]
Group exhibition Contemporary Craft Fair Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
Prizewinner from First Jingdezhen International Kaolin Ceramic Competition
Group exhibition Contemporary Craft Fair Tacoma University, Seattle, USA
Group exhibition `The Next Future of Art Crafting at Kanazawa 21st Museum
Invitation exhibition `The Best Selection 2013` at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo
Invitation exhibition `China & Japan & Korean Artists Changhai Art Museum, China
Nomination exhibition `2013 Korean Contemporary Ceramics Biennale at Incheon Ceramic Museum, Korea
Prime Minister of Japan Prize from Fifty-four Japan Contemporary Craft Exhibition

Public Collection

  • County Museum, Los Angeles
  • Brockton Museum, Massachusetts
  • Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse
  • Honolulu Academy of Art, Hawaii
  • David Rockfeller Office, New York
  • Mondale Office, Minnesota
  • City of Boston, Massachusetts
  • City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Japan Culture Association, San Paulo
  • Japan Welfare Association, San Paulo
  • Aliana Museum, Swiaa
  • Musee de Sevre, France
  • Gent Design Museum, Belgium
  • Nancy City Hall, France
  • Jingdezheng Ceramics Museum, China
  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • Visual Art Center, Korea
  • Peninsular Hotel Hong Kong
  • Japan Foundation
  • Grand Shrine at Isethe Inner Kagura Hall
  • Urasenke Chado Center in Kyoto
  • 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Kanazawa Nakamura Memorial Museum
  • Sogetsu Hall in Tokyo
  • Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in Osaka
  • Kanazawa Gakuin University
  • Ishikawa Prefectural Izumigaoka High School Hokuriku Broadcasting
  • Hokkoku Bank, Kanazawa
  • Kanazawa Nikko Hotel, Ishikawa
  • Shimizu General Construction Co.
  • Mitani Sangyo Co. Ltd in Kanazawa
  • Kanazawa East Police Station
  • Hotel Nikko Kanazawa