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Katsuyoshi Inokuma

Katsuyoshi Inokuma(1951-, Japan)
Born in Fukishima Prefecture in 1951, Inokuma studies at the Suidobata Fine Arts Academy. After returning his hometown in Fukushima in 1972, the artist started to actively engage in the local art scene and artist associations. His early works were influenced by Rembrandt and surrealism but by early 1990s, Inokuma established his unique style and introduced series of works titled `IN BLUE`. The figures from earlier are gone, and the picture is instead structured by partitions and a number of rectangles. A mark in the center of the picture seems like a brush`s violent scribble, similar to surrealist automatic drawing. For the artist, this kind of painting was “a release from my bindings” as he discarded all obligations to the labor of illustrating things.

Inokuma`s characteristic ultramarine blue reigns supreme across his surfaces, but looking closely one will find small variations. In order to bring out the desire characteristics in the blue, he first manipulates the painting`s foundational layer. To create one purple area he laid down pink pigment before adding the final coat of blue. In another part of the underpainting he mixed in coffee grounds for chromatic contrast. By applying several underpainted layers of ultramarine blue, the color`s perceived depth expands in space and becomes the distinctive blue for which Inokuma is best known. This blue inspires a variety of associations in viewers, and as time passes it seems the color`s depth continues expanding, threatening to envelop the entire image.

He intentionally avoids representational subject matter and try to return the painting to a place of pure emotions, gently touches the viewer’s heart with simple color and texture.

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Born in Koriyama City in Fukushima, Japan
Starts studying at Suidobata Fine Arts Academy
Enrolls Yokohama Art Institute
First Solo exhibition `Yamanoi`, Koriyama
Receives Fukushima Art Association`s Special Selection Award
20th Japan-France Modern Arts Exhibition
Completes the commissioned mural of Koriyama City Youth Center
Solo exhibition at Iwasaki Museum, Yokohama
Commissioned for the design of walls of Abuku School in Fukushima
Solo exhibition at Anzai Art Office, Tokyo
Wins Shigeru Aoki Exhibition Award
Receives Fukushima Prefectural Art Exhibition`s Silver Medal
Group exhibition NHK Heart at Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
Solo exhibition at Gallery SHIMIZU, Yokohama
Solo exhibition at Kanai Gallery, Tokyo
Solo exhibition at Yoshino Gallery, Yamagata
Solo exhibition at Gallery I, Iwaki
Solo exhibition at Kanai Gallery, Tokyo
Group exhibition `Pastel` at K`s Gallery, Tokyo
Solo exhibition at Karuizawa New Art Museum, Karuizawa

Public Collection

  • Fukushima Prefectural Medical Collage
  • The Hamatsu Hotel in Koriyama City
  • The Shigeru Aoki Memorial Exhibition Committee