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Jiro Yoshihara

Jiro Yoshihara (1905 - 1972, Japan)
The Gutai Art Association is known for its creative audacity. Jiro Yoshihara dedicated his artistic career in pushing the limits of traditional artistic methods and mediums. From the 1960’s onward his Circle paintings received high praise from an international audience - but why the circle? In both eastern and western cultures, the circle is one of the most widely used symbols, representing both the sun and moon since ancient times. It can also be understood as perfection or eternity, and a great number of religions have associated the symbol with a variety of meanings. However, according to Yoshihara’s writing, he used the circle not out of profound meaning, but rather“because it is convenient.”For him the Circle’s material reality and abstract meaning were completely unrelated. In this, Yoshihara‘s Circle allows the viewer the freedom to interpret and decide the the circle’s meaning for themselves.

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Received prize for distinction at the 24th Nika Exhibition
Helped founding of the Ashiya City Art Association
Found Gutai Art Association
Received Hyogo Prefectural Cultural Award
Received Japan Grand Prix at the 9th International Art Exhibition of Japan
“Jiro Yoshihara, 1905-1972 from the collection of Osaka City Museum of Modern Art” exhibition was held at ATC Museum
“Gutai: The spirit of the era” The National Art Center, Tokyo
“Gutai: Splendid paly ground” Guggenhei Museum in New York


Osaka City Museum of Modern Art Hygo Prefectural Museum of Art Ashiya City Museum of Art & History Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Les Abattoirs, Toulouse