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Tsuchida Yasuhiko


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Whitestone Gallery is please to present Yasuhriko Tsuchida’s first solo exhibition in our Hollywood Road gallery in Hong Kong. Yasuhriko Tsuchida’s glasswork is a sophisticated translation of Japanese traditional aesthetics and philosophy.

Born in Osaka, and nicknamed the ‘Poet of Glass’, the artist is the first Japanese glass artist to run an atelier on Murano island of Italy. His Artistic Oeuvre revolves around producing majestic glass objects with poetic titles that resonate with space and light. He also uses a special polishing technique. Through the visually appealing shapes and colours, his Italian Murano glass delivers philosophical depth. The artist is a poet who appreciates the rhythm of lines and the music of forms, infinitely more than the form and structure of things. He seems to want to find light in the “silence of art”, the only thing capable of transcending reality to a superior and spiritually more elevated dimension.

The artist’s beautiful glasswork would be displayed with Hiroshi Senju’s Waterfall Series in the gallery. The juxtaposition of these works represents their deep friendship and brings out both artists’ shared core values in the traditional Japanese Aesthetics.

The artist had many achievements during his career. In the year 2003, Tsuchida became the chief director of the Venetian Glass Laboratory, and received the cultural Promotion Contributor Award from the city of Grosseto in Tuscany and won the Grand-Prix from the OPEN International Exhibition of Sculpture in 2008. In 2015, the artist was invited to decorate the Japan Pavilion at expo Milano.