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Opening Reception: 14 October, 2-8pm

“A work of art that is newly created must express a beauty that is new and distinct from that of other existing works. To duplicate pre-existing beauty is artisan’s work, it is a work of handicraft. An artist’s responsibility is to discover an unknown beauty and realize it as her work.” --- Atsuko Tanaka

Whitestone Gallery is honored to present Gallery Collection by showcasing the most influential female artists from Japanese post-war period. Female artists did not appear in exhibitions or review until early 50’s, however, that did not stop them to pursue their dream, they claimed to influence cultural attitudes and transform stereotypes. In recent years, western critics stating to rediscover these artists who buried in the history, to review the post-wat period from the female perspective. After World War II, Japanese government issued guidelines for female education, and that increased the possibility for female’s right. However, their success did not necessarily lead to a fundamental transformation of female’s position in the Japanese art society. Perhaps the most active and long-lived artist collective Gutai with their relatively democratic, allowing more involvement of female artists.

The main gallery space will be showcasing Atsuko Tanaka (1932-2005) from the 80’s to early 2000, her canvas and paper works were inspirited by the Electric Dress that she wore during the 2nd Gutai Art Exhibition in 1956. After the disbandment of the Gutai, Tanaka became the first former Gutai artist to be featured by overseas international exhibition individually.

Yuko Nasaka (1938- ) is one of the few Japanese female artists to have received recognition in the West from Gutai. Her signature “circle” has contains different depth and patterns in between, Nasaka inherited the spirt of Gutai by combining technology into art and create the possibility of infinity. Recently, Nasaka was invited to exhibit her works at Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery in Britain for the first time.

Tsuruko Yamazaki (1929- ) is the first Gutai member who met Jiro Yoshihara, the founded of Gutai, she attended the painting class which was running by him in 1947. She is also one of the founding member of this avant-grade group, Yamazaki’s work mainly to metallic or reflecting material, and she had preserved in particularly lively and brilliant color shades.

Alongside, the gallery is showcasing Yayoi Kusama (1929- ) best known sculpture series Accumulation, this extraordinary sculpture was created in 1962, while Kusama was still living in New York. Amount all the artworks Kusama has created, Accumulation truly reflected the inner fear of life.

The exhibition will be held from 14 October till 30 November.